jeudi 05 décembre
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Parov Stelar is Austria’s internationally most successful artist. He is called the founder of Electro Swing and his band is in heavy request all over the world. Already his first release Kisskiss, and the following album Rough Cuts in 2004 provided him an immediate breakthrough in the international electronic music scene.

His unique sound, his specific approach to music production and the unorthodox combination of musical genres soon made hum the star of an uprising scene. With his subsequent albums and more than 20 EPs he was able to improve his status and became the favorite of a huge fan community. He worked with Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Marvin Gaye, Lana Del Rey, Bryan Ferry. He won 7 Amadeus Austrian Music Awards, has 1 Mio Facebook fans and more than 100 Million youtube views. His tracks have been used on hundreds of compilations worldwide and in numerous TV shows, movies and ads.

Many aspects of the unique Parov Stelar sound remain in his album The Burning Spider, only influences and references are newly generated once again. On his last albums especially swing references made Stelar a global superstar of a genre, now he offers new sounds with blues and jazz elements to connect the decades.

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