samedi 25 mai
Rockhal – Etablissement public Centre de Musiques Amplifiées


Doors: 20:00Show: 20:30
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Club:Seated ( Free seating )
27,00 + 2,70 presale fee
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SEVEN is a thoroughbred musician. SEVEN is headstrong, in the most positive of senses, and unbelievably creative. And this has been the case since his debut back in 2002. With a DJ, an MPC and a great many song ideas, the album “Dedicated to…” came about – an album that many record shops intuitively placed in their “international” section. And editors could barely believe that this sound originated from Switzerland, as SEVEN’s first music video “Please” was receiving significant airtime on music channels’ play lists. When Destiny’s Child asked the then 23-year-old musician from the canton of Aargau in northern Switzerland to support them at the Hallenstadion in Zurich, there was no holding him back. SEVEN’s “soul train” had started to roll, and slowly but surely brought with it soul-funk fever. A club tour then followed, in which he inspired something among his audiences that has not changed since: something that keeps on bringing them back. Straightaway, SEVEN managed to establish himself as one of the Swiss live musicians.

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