vendredi 06 mars
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik


Nadir Moussaoui aka KasbaH is a producer based in Fontenay-sous-bois. The name of his musical project comes from his Kabyle origins and his attachment to North African countries. The "Kasbah", which means "citadelle", is the refuge of all. This cultural mix gives his music a special emotion. The artist travels around the countries (Africa, South America, Europe) with his recorder in order to capture sounds, testimonies and melodies. With the help of machines and live instruments, he reconstructs a music rich in electronic rhythms and traditional melodies. The music, both bewitching and danceable, constitutes a musical genre between dub meditations and medicinal techno.

Information de contact pour cet événement

Téléphone: +352 55 44 93 -1

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