vendredi 08 mars - samedi 06 avril
Galerie d’art du Théâtre d’Esch

Jo Malano – Jeremy Palluce

Jo Malano

I started to draw when I went to arts et métiers, there I met some people who had the same ideas as me and so we did our first drawings. At the beginning we only used white paper and black liners, later on we started with the cans. From that on I often used the spraycans, but with the years I started to mix the cans with acryl on canvases and realized how much I enjoy working with brushes. I always enjoyed colors, and now I am trying to get a mix of colors and shapes on my canvases to create a colorful mess always inspired by nature.

Jeremy Palluce (Skobe)

Skobe is the way I express myself, it’s way I live my life. The lifestyle, graffiti is the biggest inspiration for my art. Everyday I learn about life by living it. I am influenced by many different things. My family, my entourage, my experiences, everything I experience plays a great role in my art. It started as a Young child with the graffiti I saw and was fascinated by, on the railway. Later, with the studies about Basquiat and Marcel Duchamp and now, by creating my own art, traveling around the world and living the way of the artist that I always dreamed of becoming. Living in multicultural cities my art is inspired by the very mix that this cultural melting pot gives me.

The variety of different techniques helps me to express my love for diversity and shows how great it is when two or more different worlds collide.

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