jeudi 25 janvier
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik

Give me Pity!

18h – Exhibition “Textured Textiles” by Julie Costentin (LU) @Ratelach 

Julie Costentin is a Luxembourgish designer and the creative Art Director and owner of JÜdesigns studio. The studio based in Barcelona focuses on graphic, textile design and rug making. Operating between the worlds of textile, design and art, she is creating amongst other things, wallpaper designs and illustrations that can be applied to different surfaces and accessories.

This multidisciplinary exhibition is meant to reunite and expose the aspects of textile design and illustration on paper; using meaningful vibrant color palettes and taking advantage of the variation of characteristics of wool to play with different shapes and materials.

More info about the exhibition HERE

19h – Movie “GIVE ME PITY!” @Kinosch

A woman’s first ever TV special curdles into a psychedelic nightmare.

GIVE ME PITY! written and directed by Amanda Kramer, is a manic take on the retro TV variety show, starring the immensely talented Sophie von Haselberg in her leading lady debut as the star of a one-woman show who unravels as her performances goes on.Tickets : 5€ (Box Office)

  • Tickets: 5€ (Box Office)
  • Directed by Amanda Kramer, 2022
  • Thriller Fantasy Musical
  • 80′
  • Awards: Grand Prix – Festival Subversif 2023, Special Mention to Sophie von Haselberg – Festival Subversif 2023

20h45 – Performance by Gærald (BE/FR) @Ratelach

Producer, performer and protean DJ, GÆRALD XOXO KURDIAN is the mother of ceremony of the Hot Bodies of the Future parties and Hot Bodies choirs. Their first EP “I – V”, produced together with Apollo Noir (Yanis, Jeanne Added, Bagarre, Buvette, etc.), tells the story of their affective, sexual and sensory experiences in the nocturnal landscapes of alternative scenes. Five personal and moving vignettes blending dark techno, DIY pop and electronic post punk to defend queer utopias of inclusivity and communion. Live, GÆRALD plays with samplers, drum machines and synthesizers. Self-acceptance and emancipation from societal barriers are at the center of this hybrid club project. Unique in its genre.