samedi 08 octobre
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik


Special guests: Drogher, Deepshow

Cosmogon were founded back in 2011 out of ashes of the legendary Luxemburgish bands Exinferis and Abstract Rapture, the latter is still going strong. Cosmogon is the answer to a strong belief in and a perennial need for pure handmade Rock and Metal where the influences reach from Doom over Punk to Metal an Progressive Rock. Having changed some of their bandmembers over the years, Cosmogon has found their core compound with their original singer and drummer still remaining.

After their first 2 studio EP’s, “Chaos Magnum” and “Devolution”, the band is currently finishing the recordings of their full-fledged LP “Penumbra” releasing in Autumn 2022!

Drogher are hailing from a deep rooted urge to embark on a new sonic adventure, this freshly founded quatuor is eager to present their new compositions including tracks off their upcoming EP entitled « The Last Wave ». Inspired by a broader spectrum from the metal genre, Drogher finds its harbor within a modern death-thrash current provoking a lot of movement in the pit.

Deepshow is a heavy stoner rock band from HELLGIUM, on a mission to kick as many asses as fuck on stage.

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