vendredi 26 avril
Rockhal – Etablissement public Centre de Musiques Amplifiées


After two years of intense work, new indie-pop outfit Cheak are ready to present their debut EP at the Floor of the Rockhal on April 26. They will be supported by Skinny J &  Turnup TunA D R I Ʌ N and Them Lights. Get ready for a hell of a party!
With members hailing from extremely diverse musical backgrounds ranging from punk to pop, from blues-rock to post-hardcore, CHEAK! try to collect, to re-interpret and to re-compose what pop means in modern-day society, browsing through topics reaching from parties, dancing and drinking to trying out different identities, playfully discovering what life can offer, from adventures and travels to friendship and love.
CHEAK! are creating their very own definition of pop and indie music and are ready to present their own soundscapes to a Luxembourg audience for the very first time after a first tour abroad. Put on your finest dress and dancing shoes and expect an eclectic show experience! Or as they put it: “We are expecting nothing more than a splash of colors, a great audience and a party we won’t remember, yet never forget”.

Horaires:Doors 20:00 Show 20:30, 2019-04-26T18:00:00Z

Organized by Rocklab & Cheak

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