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Blaya is an icon. One who’s had the chance to witness her on stage, knows that she’s a multifaceted hurricane, full of energy, pride and sensuality. Born in Brazil, raised in Portugal, and she travelled all around the world performing before teaching us how to ‘Faz Gostoso’ (Her hit song/Brazilian expresion for ‘Do It Good’). By teaching us all, she really did, including Madonna.

With over 100 shows done between March 2018 and October 2019, it’s safe to say that Blaya is one of the biggest artists in the countryy. She’s reached millions and millions of people through streaming platforms thanks to her hit songs ‘Faz Gostos’, ‘Má Vida’, ‘Nem Na Vibe’ & ‘Eu Avisei’. She’s known for delivering authentic and colourful power anthems on stage, and in her music videos, which have been seen on screens of all sizes. These are the numbers that justify Blaya’s number 1 on the Top Viral Spotify Chart in Brazil, and her double platinum record ‘Faz Gostos’ which counts with over 32 million views on YouTube and 7.5 million streams on Spotify.

Blaya had the chance of performing at MADO, the LGBTIQ pride festival in Madrid, the main stage of MEO Sudoeste, one of the biggest music festivalsin the country, and to end the summer, at the Rock in Rio Brazil. It’s obvious that she’s ready for one big year.

Now in 2019, Blaya’s released her debut album ‘Blaya Con Dios’ hich successfully went straight to number 1 in the music charts as well as had her first hit song ‘Faz Gostoso’ re-recorded by Madonna (and Anitta) for her new albm ‘Madam X’ – the album reached number 1 in the Billboard 200 album charts and gave the song another boost.

Just press play and Blaya Con Dios…

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