jeudi 20 avril
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For fans of: My Sleeping Karma, Yawning Man, Colour Haze 

Sieben 2023 Tour

ROTOR have been working on their dry instrumental sound for 25 years, somewhere between Stoner, progressive and 70s space rock. The band refuses the usual media and Internet channels which fuels their legendary status as a unique cult band. Now Rotor are finally back with their long awaited album “Sieben”!

After two years locked in their studio without concerts, they have new sound, melody and riff worlds explored and then poured into 7 songs. After many sessions with Charlie Paschen (Coogan’s Bluff, Charlie’s Studio) and during a hot august they put this those sound on vinyl.

The tracks “Kahlschlag”, “Mäander” and “Reibach” reflect a new reality.

Release: 10.02.2023 CD / LP (Noisolution)

Anyone who has seen the band live knows about the crushing heaviness, the melancholic Space trips, the rousing energy and the special charisma of Rotor concerts. Experience this oppressive wall of sound yourself live at the first in 2023 Rotor Tour for 5 years!

Support: High Mountain

High Mountain is a French quartet playing a powerful and bluesy stoner rock with a hint of psychedelic influences. The four members of the band bring their diverse inspirations (Pink Floyd, Kyuss, Tool, All Them Witches…) together in order to create a joint aesthetics resulting into a very personal sound mixing the heaviness of desert rock, the psychedelia of the 70s and some metal influences.

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