samedi 18 juillet
21:30 -
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik

Fred Barreto Group

The furious Brazilian guitarist, Fred Barreto, is one of a kind! He belongs to those musicians who are recognizable straight away from the first notes played by his guitar. His huge sound doesn’t leave his audience indifferent. And his ability to connect directly to the listeners never ceases to impress blues fans.
Barreto means serious when it comes to play solid Rock or raw Blues. No need to try finding similarities with other guitar players, Fred Barreto is an accomplished bluesman and does his own « thing » with great talent, virtuosity and soul.
His live shows are always special and impossible to forget. You shouldn’t hesitate to come to the Kufa Summer Bar and see him.

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Téléphone: +352 55 44 93 -1

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