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Devin Townsend
Over the course of the last 25 years, accomplished heavy music artist Devin Townsend has remained consistent. Consistent-that is-in that he’s rarely consistent in what we’ve come to expect from him. Constantly making unique inroads with many different styles of music, he has followed his particular muse in any way it leads him for almost three decades.

Although heavy metal and progressive rock has always been his primary focus, each year that passes recently has resulted in new peripheral works that have seen him branch off to everything from country, new age, ambient noise or even orchestral musical theatre. As endearing as that has been to his constantly growing fanbase, it has also made it difficult to classify with much accuracy what he does and what he represents. Who is Devin Townsend? What is his musical identity? With his new album ‘EMPATH’, we find that Devin Townsend is actually all of these things.

In 2017, Swedish progressive metal pioneers MESHUGGAH entered their 30th year of existence, defying expectations on record as to the limitations of metal and then proving their virtuosic prowess by taking their cathedral-complex compositions to stages all over the world through the band’s long tour cycles. As a result, the band’s erudite and intelligent fan base ‘get something that they don’t really hear in any other bands. But it’s not lost on them that Meshuggah is making daunting progressive music, music where melody is subservient to jackhammer rhythm, as evidenced by the way that even his lead singer, Jens Kidman, is situated within the maelstrom that is Meshuggah…


Doors: 18:30 Show: 19:00

Support: Wheel

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