mardi 26 novembre - mercredi 27 novembre
20:00 - 21:15

Cosmos (Not Enough)

Looking inwards and turning outwards – this is the balancing act upon which interdisciplinary artist Sasha Ley embarks in her own creation Cosmos (Not Enough). Ley showcases every facet of her tremendous talent in order to tackle the great existential questions: who are we in this world, and what sort of person do our social conventions make of us? Venturing into impressively creative territory, she contemplates inwardness, perception and memory, love and lust, erotic attraction and gender identities. A convergence of movement and words, the lyrical collages in Ley’s performance meet installations of video and light, courtesy of artist Krischan Kriesten.

Coproduction – Escher Theater ; Théâtre National du Luxembourg

Text, music and performance – Sascha Ley

Sound and video – Krischan Kriesten, Sascha Ley

Light – Krischan Kriesten

Illustrations – Sascha Ley

Outside eye and choreografic advice – Sylvia Camarda

Costumes – Denise Schumann, Sascha Ley

Assistance – Stella Riolino

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