jeudi 13 janvier
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik

We have the keys

The Kulturfabrik and The Schalltot Collective are teaming up once again for a self-declared mission: Bringing back quality to underground DIY shows! 

During the last few years it has been proven several times that the charm of the small venue is the ideal place to promote underground bands in a qualitative environment worth to discover for any kind of music enthusiasts.


Ni is a four-headed monster. The big bad Ni has left the linear roads of the French department of Ain – from which it came – in order to live in a complex world paced by electrical sounds and varying polyrhythms. In its temple, shouts of the quartet make the windows crack, a stunning nervousness makes the walls stand and, finally, the strong foundations remove from ages to come all doubts regarding the durability of all these things. Inside, it is always like a squall: children run in all directions and parents dance around the bonfire. The waltz, the 4/4 time signature and verse and chorus structures take one last breath before being burned to ashes at the core of this fire.

« (…) une fois l’impression de chaos passée, on découvre une musique finement composée et riche en accroches : gimmicks, riffs, mélodies, ambiances, groove. Un parfait grower. » – New Noise

!AYYA! (FR) 

!AYYA! c’est d’un côté une guitare, de l’autre une batterie et un synthé. Energie rock, rythmiques alambiquées, ambiances noise et envolées épiques, ce duo de Nancy vous plonge dans une frénésie incontrôlable !


KU is 4 piece hardcore band from Luxembourg founded in 2019. Their sound can be defined by hectic distorted riffs, punching drums and screamo grinding vocals, dedicated to raw live power.