vendredi 10 mars
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik

We have the keys

Our two local bands SCARRED and MILES TO PERDITION are inviting for a heavy friday night into the small venue. Both long term leaders of the Luxembourgish metal scene, couldn’t be more different in their sounds, but are sharing one thing in common: their willingness to deliver heavy neckbreaking music.
Their new heavily shaped sets are awaiting you in the framework of “WE HAVE THE KEYS”.

To spice up things even more, theyve invited two special guests from around the Greater Region : DEFICIENCY – Melodic Thrash Metal (FR) and PLAGUE CYCLE – Deathcore (DE).

Agressive Melodic Death Metal played at breakneck speed is the most suiting description for Miles to Perdition’s signature sound. Yet, does technicality never impede musicality, nor are the high speed songs lacking groove, as blast beat passages can be followed by mid-tempo riffing or Deathcore style breakdowns.
Their live performances are a feast for the eyes, with usage of various stage elements, such as backdrops, impressive live shows, or other paraphernalia. This is only topped by the band’s near surgical reproduction of their music, but never lacking the energy one would experience at Old School Hardcore shows.



Crushing live performances, relentless energy and a tidal wave of melodic atmospheres and ear-catching hooks have made SCARRED one of the standard-bearers for the Luxembourgish metal community.

Founded in 2003, the young band quickly made a name for themselves in the local metal scene with their uncompromising live shows and a first EP called Inner Scars recorded in 2004.

After a few years of refining their craft, SCARRED released their first LP New Filth Order in 2009. With this album they represented Luxembourg at the W.O.A. Metal Battle (finishing second), which opened the doors to many festivals all over Europe and allowed them to perform alongside reputed bands such as Mastodon, Lamb of God or Arch Enemy, to name just a few.

The band followed up with their second album called Gaia/Medea in 2012 (Klonosphere), confirming that they were a force to be reckoned with on some of the biggest European stages and all the way to Japan, where the album was released in 2016 (Howling Bull Records).

Shortly after their Japan tour, the band felt it was time to undergo some personnel changes in order to make their music evolve outside the death metal niche despite the success it had generated for them. They did just that with their long awaited third album Scarred (Klonosphere, 2021), coming back with a bang and smashing the boundaries between genres, much to the surprise and delight of their fans. With their current line-up of Yann Dalscheid (vocals), Diogo Bastos (guitar), Vincent Wilquin (guitar), Bertrand Pinna (bass) and Laurent Kessel (drums), SCARRED have begun a musical transformation that seems to know no bounds. Following their eclectic self-titled album, the band decided to switch it up again by trading the comfort of a recording studio for an isolated cabin in the woods, where they composed and recorded an intimate and spontaneous EP called Patience using very minimalistic means.

This new opus, which sounds unlike anything the band has recorded before, is set to be released in December 2022 and should prove once and for all that SCARRED is intent on going anywhere their music will take them.

Founded in France, DEFICIENCY has been active for over a decade on national and international Metal scenes. Combining tradition and modernity, the quartet’s Melodic Thrash Metal is not limited to this single label, thanks to progressive, symphonic, “catchy” inspirations, to improve the songs, the efficiency or the overall coherence of the production. With 4 albums recognized for their quality by the specialized press and the audience, DEFICIENCY expresses all its energy on stage.

Plague Cycle is a Death Metal band from Saarbrücken (Germany). The band

had their debut early 2015. Their music evolved from an early Hardcore-Metalcore mix to Deathcore in the style of known acts like Thy Art is Murder, Carnifex and Whitechapel.