mercredi 21 septembre
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik


Culture clash movies are practically a genre in themselves. They can subvert every known genre in moviedom and turn its conventions upside down, making it a culture clash movie instead. Wasn’t „King Kong“ one of the first culture clash movies? From high drama to absurdist comedy, from harsh documentary to psychologically nuanced auteur cinema to roaring blockbuster, the culture clash movie tells us a lot about human experience and the bond we all share. Some of them are, of course, heavy on cliché, but the good ones don’t have to rely on that. A culture clash doesn’t have to turn into a culture war either. Anyone for a „remix“?

  • Drama
  • FR, MAUR / 2014
  • Directed by Abderrahmane Sissako
  • Casting: Hichem Yacoubi, Ibrahim Ahmed, Toulou Kiki
  • 96 min
  • OV with French subtitles
  • Suitable for ages 16+

EN – Timbuktu, Mali. The town, a haven of moderate Islam, is occupied by jihadists who impose their martial law. Kidane, a nomadic Tuareg and cattle herder, lives outside of town with his family … A red-hot film, both political and poetic, that plumbs the depth of human stupidity and intolerance.

DE – Timbuktu im Mali. Die Stadt wird von einer Gruppe Dschihadisten erobert, deren Repressalien Widerstand hervorrufen. Der Tuareg Kidane lebt mit seiner Familie am Rande der Stadt … Ein engagierter Film, der zugleich eine Meditation über die Dummheit und den Sinn von Widerstand ist.

FR – Tombouctou, au Mali. La ville est occupée par un groupement de djihadistes qui imposent la sharia et terrorisent tout le monde. Kidane, un berger touareg, vit avec sa famille à la périphérie de la ville… Un brûlot politique et poétique sur la bêtise humaine et le devoir de résistance.