samedi 20 avril
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Takeover: Metal Edition

Your favourite local hits like you’ve never heard them before! Be it rock anthems, pop bangers, chart breakers, classy ballads or nostalgic chansonettes, they will all be revisited à la sauce metal!

BLANKET HILL, FUSION BOMB and PRAETOR, 3 well-versed bands from the local metal scene, have taken on the challenge proposed by Rocklab and The Grund Club Luxembourg to cover hits from the Luxembourgish music repertoire in their very own way.

So, get ready to hear songs by Colette a Fernand, BroozeEternal TangoNazzNazzMad FoxRonny Riff, reinterpreted with growly vocals, down-tuned guitars, blast beats and loads of distortion!

A must-see for all metalheads and a great (re)discovery of Luxembourg music gems in a totally different genre!

BLANKET HILL, FUSION BOMB & PRAETOR count among the most active and touring Luxembourgish metal acts right now. They are Rocklab members and rehearse at the Rocklab.

Checkout their unexpected setlist:

– BLANKET HILL perform:

Ronny Riff – Stell elo keng Fro!

Brooze – M9

Colette a Fernand – Neen déi Schnëss

Eternal Tango – The Golden City

– FUSION BOMB perform:

Nazz Nazz – Red Eyes

Cool Feet – Drénkt e Patt op mech

Exchange – Heavy Times

Colette a Fernand – D’Hechtercher aus der Stad

– PRAETOR perform:

Mad Fox – Cool Cat

Desdemonia – Anguish

Rise Up – Liberation Song

Moof – Béise Jong.

About the TAKEOVER project:

Rocklab and The Grund Club Luxembourg are proud to announce the launch of a new common project: « TAKEOVER »- local hits, suprising covers.

Local artists and bands from a distinct music genre play live interpretations of iconic Luxembourgish songs, paying tribute to the originals while expressing them in their very own style!

The TAKEOVER series will showcase one particular music genre per show, starting with aMetal Edition in association with Attitude Music, on Saturday 20 April at 20:00 at the Rockhal Floor.

The Grund Club is established in the Luxembourgish music landscape with the concept of bringing professional musicians and emerging artists together by focusing the musical output on a catalogue of songs made in Luxembourg.

Regular partners since 2018, Rocklab – as resource centre, creative hub and music incubator for artists, bands, music professionals and creative people, is providing The Grund Club with a new home base and the perfect conditions for the TAKEOVER project to grow and thrive.

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