samedi 25 mars
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik

Sublind (LU)

Guests : Cosmogon, Abstract Rapture, Kraton 

Since 2005, Sublind have been firing off their straightforward old-school thrash metal in Luxembourg and abroad. After two released mini EP’s and an album, it’s finally time to release the new and long-awaited longplayer after 9 years and several concerts.

Despite several line-up changes, Sublind have always kept their philosophy alive and managed to stay true to themselves: the gigs are sweaty and energetic, good vibes are always guaranteed. Due to an important amount of played concerts (among others with genre legends like Exodus, Death Angel, Warbringer, Tankard and many more), the band was able to put a lot of experience and playfulness into the new album: so look forward to a huge loading of energy and snot, which will give a further kick to the already fast songs.

On March 25th, Sublind will be accompanied by their long-time friends Abstract Rapture, one of the longest-serving and most iconic local bands. Plus, with their current album “Penumbra”, Cosmogon also asks for a dance and old-school death metal fans will be completely flashed by Kraton’s morbid and dark sounds.


Cosmogon were founded back in 2011 out of ashes of the legendary Luxemburgish bands ExInferis and Abstract Rapture, the latter is still going strong. Cosmogon is the answer to a strong belief in and a perennial need for pure handmade rock and metal where the influences reach from Doom over punk to metal and progressive rock. Having changed some of their bandmembers over the years, Cosmogon has found their core compound with their original singer and drummer still remaining.

After their first 2 studio EP’s, “Chaos Magnum” and “Devolution”, the band released its full-fledged LP “Penumbra” in October 2022!


Combining the ferocity and groove of death metal with dismal atmosphere, Kraton sets out to create a raw and vibrant sound that draws from the gloomier corners of the genre. Thematically, the listener is invited to explore the bleak aspects of existence and to stand defiant against the disheartening challenges that are part of the human condition. Founded in 2011 and hailing from the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Kraton has shared small and big stages with many local and international bands and is eager to expand further into the Greater Region around Luxembourg and beyond.


Abstract Rapture is a thrash metal band from Luxembourg founded in 2001. Their main influences are thrash-metal, groove-metal and death-metal of the ’90s. They started to play concerts in 2002 and released records on a regular base since then. In 2003 they released their first demo called “Asphyxiation”, followed by the auto produced EP “Dead End Entry” in 2005. After winning the Metal Battle Luxembourg in 2007 and gaining the 3rd position at the international final contest at the WOA, they released their first longplayer “Democadencia” in 2008. Ever since, Abstract Rapture, in addition to the local concerts, play regularly abroad and shared the stage with bigger bands like Korn, Behemoth, Entombed, Kataklysm, just to name a few. In 2018, Abstract Rapture relased their album “Hollow Motion” which is distributed by Black’n’Purple Records and is currently working on new material.

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