samedi 12 septembre
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik

RootsTown Festival 2020

After two great editions, the RootsTown Festival Luxembourg family has been hard at work planning the third Rootstown Festival 2020, with private and public actors, as well as artists based in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region. Continuing in the same spirit as always, we aim to offer an even wider array of activities related to urban culture, environmental awareness and artistic expression. Of course, music is always at the forefront of our event, and you can expect an even BIGGER, MORE MASSIVE concert lineup.
RootsTown Festival Luxembourg returns to Kulturfabrik Esch-sur-Alzette on 12th September 2020. Its mission to help make Luxembourg a beacon of youth urban movements is now more important than ever. RootsTown is dedicated to growing beyond its status as an icon of classic/contemporary artistic expressions into a much larger counter-culture and scene that will hopefully become recognized as one of Luxembourg’s premium cultural events. As always, our goal is to raise awareness of current urban movements through music and other forms of artistic expression that are closely linked to two cultures that have always been influential in urban life : Hip Hop and Reggae. RootsTown Festival explores the link between urban culture, the arts, environmentally harmonious lifestyles and sustainable development.
Keep an eye on us by liking RootsTown Festival Luxembourg or our Facebook Event Page, Rootstown Festival 2020, to stay up to date with our lineup announcements, Pre-Fest Events, or Early Bird Tickets promotions (special pricing).

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Téléphone: +352 55 44 93 -1

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