samedi 03 juillet
21:30 -
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik

Oracle Sisters

The Oracle Sisters (taking their name from the culture of biker gangs), was formed by two long-time friends: Lewis Lazar and Christopher Willatt. Danish and Northern Irish respectively, they both grew up together in Brussels, writing and playing music. They moved to New York and Edinburgh separately and reunited in Paris where they began working on new songs, quickly creating a body of work that attracted a group of artists and musicians who helped support them with their first shows and releases. Soon they met Julia Johanssen who became their drummer, harmoniser and songwriter.  Oracle Sisters is one the brightest acts to emerge from the Parisian music scene, with an upcoming double EP release and signing to exciting New York label 22TWENTY.
The online magazine The Line Of Best Fit described their music as “moody soundscapes that evoke an exotic, dream-like state rife with tension and sexual danger." Touring Europe with Papooz and Polo&Pan allowed them to cut their teeth in the live arena and build fans in mainland Europe, and over the past year they’ve started to build a sizeable audience in the UK, with sold out shows in London and Edinburgh. 

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