dimanche 13 octobre
Rockhal – Etablissement public Centre de Musiques Amplifiées


Venue : Rockhal Main Hall – Seated Doors : 18:30
Promoter : Rockhal


Doors : 18:30
Show : 20:00

Rockhal welcomes one of the world’s most illustrious Queen tribute performances on Sunday, 13th October 2024, “One Vision of Queen”, led by the incomparable Marc Martel. Recognised globally as the vocal doppelganger of the legendary Freddie Mercury, Martel’s breathtaking renditions have graced the stages of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and soon, the iconic Rockhal in Luxembourg.

Born in Canada and currently residing in the vibrant city of Nashville, Marc Martel has been enchanting worldwide audiences with his Queen shows for over a decade. With every note he hits, you’ll be transported back in time, reliving the euphoria of when Queen and the great Freddie Mercury ruled the rock world. Beyond just Queen enthusiasts, the media is spellbound too. From captivating appearances on international platforms like the Ellen DeGeneres Show to garnering over 250 million YouTube clicks with an audience of 1.4 million followers, Marc Martel is a sensation.

Now, “One Vision of Queen feat. Marc Martel” is back, grander and more electrifying than before. Marc and his impeccable band promise an evening filled with timeless Queen classics. Imagine the profound melodies of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the rousing beats of “We Will Rock You”, and the soulful rhythms of “Somebody To Love” echoing through the chambers of Rockhal, all delivered with Marc’s signature blend of power and vulnerability.

While his vocal prowess channels the spirit of Freddie Mercury, Marc Martel remains an original. As he puts it, “I think my voice is enough to remind them of him, and I love to be myself on stage.” His sincerity shines through, ensuring that “One Vision of Queen” offers more than just nostalgia – it’s a unique musical journey.



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