mardi 24 mars - samedi 25 avril
Théâtre d’Esch

Noëllia Alvarez

It all started in 2014. First only travels, then also portraits, events and nature. From taking photos of anything that looks interesting, to learning photography all by myself. Inspired by my travels, I never leave the country without my camera. Capturing the beauty of our world through my point of view. I want to motivate every single one of you to go out there, travel, see the beauty we are surrounded by. In my work you will find typical European sights through a different point of view. I am still using my first camera, which I bought six years ago, proving that you do not need the most expensive gear to take impressive shots. I travel that much because I feel free then. To see new places, to visit new cultures and going out of my comfort zone is what drives me. I get a feeling of enclosure if I do not travel for several months
                                    Vernissage de l’exposition:
                                 Samedi le 21 mars 2020 à 17h00
                                          en présence de l’artiste

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Organisateur: Escher Theater

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