samedi 05 juin
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik

Niels Engel & Bartleby Delicate / Aircheck session (SOLD OUT)

Niels Engel and Bartleby Delicate are no strangers to the Luxembourg music scene. The eclectic drummer and composer Engel is playing in the country’s most promising jazz bands like KLEIN or Claire Parsons while singer-songwriter Georges Goerens, also known as Bartleby Delicate, is the frontman of the Luxembourgish indie outfit Seed to Tree and just released his solo EP ‘Deadly Sadly Whatever’. While seeing one of the two musicians on stage seems natural, the synergy surprises and promises an experimental blend of styles.
Starting to play music together out of the necessity to write songs in a time of creative void, the two musicians joined forces to create a concert experience out of the ordinary combining influences from electronics to jazz, from experimental to pop, developing moments that meander between an intimate voice and a drum explosion of a cinematic scope. Building on the creative arrangements and the energetic drumming of Niels Engel and combining it with the polyphonic expanse of Bartleby Delicate’s sensitive vocals and his sense for melodies, the music provides the light that gets in through the cracks of everyday life.
After being artists in residency at Kulturfabrik over 4 weeks, Niels Engel and Bartleby Delicate will present their new compositions at Kulturfabrik on June 5th.

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