vendredi 21 août
19:00 -
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik

Müholos / Kufa Summer Bar

(Ambient, Electronic, Downtempo)
Gustavo Morales (1979, in Caracas, Venezuela), is a musician-percussionist, Dj, explorer, and producer of experimental music, ambient and electronic with different textures and organic sounds.
Currently actively involved in the vanguard and alternative culture, nationally and internationally, through Itinerantes asbl and Another Level Creative Group. Now based at the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, working and developing some musical projects like the new concept "Travel on the Beat" at Gudde Wellen as coordinator and Dj resident, but also playing in different venues and European festivals, organizing as well the Itinerantes Jam Session. Also working on various  projects in collaborations with artists from all over the world.

Information de contact pour cet événement

Téléphone: +352 55 44 93 -1

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