mardi 18 décembre
Rockhal – Etablissement public Centre de Musiques Amplifiées


Doors: 19:00 Show: 20:00
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Organized by Rockhal & Rocklab
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on sale soon
Promoting and rewarding Music Made in Luxembourg: Throughout the last years Luxembourg’s music scene has been constantly developing. Today our music scene is vibrant and diverse, our bands and artists are touring successfully far beyond our borders. Not only do Luxembourg’s radio stations have their songs playlisted, but also airplays and streams are continuously growing on an international level and you can find their fans all over the world.
The Luxembourg Music Awards (LMAs), organized by Rockhal & Rocklab, will be the annual ceremony that rewards their work and creativity and that promotes music made in Luxembourg. It will be a night where not only all the relevant players of Luxembourg’s music scene, but most of all, a large public will come together – a ceremony for all music fans hosted by Rockhal and Rocklab to celebrate the work and efforts of our artists.
For the first time the LMAs will reward all the different facets of music. A jury of national and international music professionals will award the nine outstanding artists and projects in the following categories:
stART-up award for best upcoming artist stART-up award for best upcoming musician stART-up award for best upcoming director stART-up award for excellence in music – woman of the year stART-up award for upcoming artwork designer Artist of the Year Song of the Year (supported by SACEM Luxembourg)Best Music Video Producer of the Year
The Luxembourg Music Awards are presented by Rockhal and Rocklab. We would like to thank our partners:
ING Luxembourg as main event sponsor RTL Luxembourg as media partner Le fonds stART-up de l’?’uvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte as award partner for five of the awardsSACEM Luxembourg as award partner for the Song of the Year

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