mardi 11 juillet
18:30 - 19:30
Cultures of Assembly

Lecture by Johanna Meyer-Grohbruegge (Meyer-Grohbruegge, Berlin)

In collaboration with the Luxembourg Center for Architecture (luca), the University of Luxembourg, Master in Architecture, has organized a lecture series and set of discussions: as found. These gatherings will provide a differentiated overview of relevant and timely approaches presented by an international range of exceptional spatial practitioners, who will reframe our understanding of how to utilize the existing.

11.07.23 — 18h30 @ COA – Cultures of Assembly

Johanna Meyer-Grohbruegge

(Meyer-Grohbruegge, Berlin)

In our era of digital atomisation, the notion of commune feels both anachronistic and nostalgically out of reach. Meanwhile, in the real world, we continue to exist among others tangibly and are only beginning to understand what a delusion it is to think that we are independent individuals. 

Most Western architecture is designed to separate, but today’s existence feels misaligned with building traditions of the past.

Architecture can provide a framework that makes connections, builds, and catalyses relationships while encouraging acceptance of the existing, the surrounding, and the otherness.


Photo: Wirkbau Chemnitz, Eröffnung Club Atomino © Ernesto Uhlmann

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