jeudi 29 juin
18:30 - 19:30
Cultures of Assembly

Lecture by Claudia Chwalisz + James MacDonald-Nelson

In collaboration with the Luxembourg Center for Architecture (luca), the University of Luxembourg, Master in Architecture, has organized a lecture series and set of discussions: as found. These gatherings will provide a differentiated overview of relevant and timely approaches presented by an international range of exceptional spatial practitioners, who will reframe our understanding of how to utilize the existing.

29.06.23 — 18h30 @ COA – Cultures of Assembly

Claudia Chwalisz + James MacDonald-Nelson

(DemocracyNext, Paris)

DemocracyNext is working to shift political and legislative power to everyday people through new permanent and empowered deliberative institutions where rotating citizen representatives are at the heart of our democracies. As an international research and action institute, we work to design and establish these new institutions to transform the governance of organisations that influence public life, rooted in three principles:


  • Giving people agency and dignity through participation;
  • Distributing equal political power through representation by lot (sortition), and
  • Channeling collective wisdom – enabling people to find common ground through deliberation.


Image: © Adèle Vive

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