vendredi 20 septembre
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik

Le Vibe release-party (LU)

LE VIBE is a young and lively reggae band from Luxembourg, made up of 7 musicians.

While sharing a common love for reggae music, each member of the band adds her/ his own style and music influences to their tunes, creating an original mix of reggae, jazz, blues, and funk, only to name a few. Aside from their music, LE VIBE’s live shows are also entertaining and the front men’s interactions between the songs are full of humour, which makes every concert truly unique.

The band was founded in the summer of 2017 and having played at several of Luxembourg’s established scenes and music festivals for over one year, they teamed up with renowned producer Charel Stoltz to record their debut album “Day One” at Holtz Studios. After some intense recording sessions, the result is a colourful and honest record that the band is exhilarated to finally share with all! From militant roots reggae tunes with unique backing vocals to pounding riffs and breathtaking solos, you can expect some surprises from this young band, if you haven’t already heard (of) them! It will, for sure, be an event full of good vibes and talented musicians, along with Claire Parsons and Afrobeathoven as support acts.

Information de contact pour cet événement

Téléphone: +352 55 44 93 -1

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