jeudi 21 janvier
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Rockhal – Etablissement public Centre de Musiques Amplifiées


Le concert de KID FRANCESCOLI initialement reporté au 16 septembre 2020 a été reporté au 21 janvier 2021. Tous les billets achetés restent valables pour la nouvelle date. Nous vous remercions pour votre compréhension et espérons vous voir bientôt à la Rockhal ! With the album With Julia, Kid Francescoli has affirmed his place in the pop universe. It left Kid Francescoli at the end of a story: the one he shared with the young American Julia Minkin, a singer he met in New York, incarnation of his fascination with the United States. In 2017, Play Me Again announces an unprecedented phase, both familiar and full of unexpected touches. This collection of songs tells the sequel of With Julia. The love story is over, the New York epiphany has disappeared but leaves room for a new personal and musical evolution. Julia is no longer the American lover, the fantasy made flesh, but has settled in Kid Francescoli’s hometown Marseille. « With Julia evoking the end of our story, Play Me Again talks about its transformation into a musical bond, our growing complicity in writing. Musical creation is at the forefront, our relationship evolves and that can be felt in the music. » Julia becomes the creative partner, the muse, the favorite instrument of an artist at the start of a new chapter. Produced by Simon Henner (French 79, Nasser, Husbands), Play Me Again benefits from this new but proven dynamic. Kid dares to explore new genres. The melancholic boy of the first album never really left us with his sweet voice, his cottony beats, his cinematic fixation, his vintage synths. If his musical identity has further evolved on Play Me Again, it remains one of the most recognizable sounds on the French pop scene.

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