vendredi 21 mai
Théâtre d’Esch


En portugais le premier soir, en anglais le second, inFausto est un monologue de la compagnie lisbonnaise mala voadora. Le Escher Theater profite inopinément de sa venue à Esch (dans le cadre d’un futur projet Esch 2022) afin de permettre aux publics de faire la connaissance de ces artistes et de leur travail.

“Fausto told the story of a show of unbridled ambition that never happened, but absorbed a good part of several ministries’ budgets, caused the affluence of all Portuguese people to Belém, and created a national tragedy – everything permanently reported on television. If Fausto gathered around 100 people on stage, inFausto is a monologue. But that’s no reason for the intrigue’s scale to decrease. On the contrary. In the face of the disastrous consequences of Fausto, which led to CCB closing, Jorge Andrade made the decision to step away from making theater for a while and bought a plane ticket to Kiev, where he went on to write for a fake news company. Now he is back and infiltrates CCB’s abandoned rooms and corridors. He spends the nights imagining how his show should be reformulated to report the conspiracy he was a victim of – a show with an international intrigue, much more ambitious than Fausto.”

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Téléphone: +352 2754 5010 / 5020
Organisateur: Escher Theater

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