samedi 26 novembre
Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik

Get-Out // Squatfabrik #4

After a whole month at the Squatfabrik, Alexandre Alagôa (LU-PT) and Ida Lissner (DK) invite you to their Get-Out Saturday, November 26, from 6 to 10 pm. Visitors will be able to discover the artistic universe and the artworks done by the two artists during their residency.

More info about the artists here

Alexandre Alagôa’s resulting work from his Squatfabrik residency at Kulturfabrik is divided into two parts: 1) one experimental film to be experienced at Kinosch, exploring the impact of entoptic phenomena and the perception of light in the human retina through walks in the Luxembourgish forests; and 2) a series of audiovisual installations, which articulate the use of metal in relation to the territory of digital video through a juxtaposition, transgression and tension between several pictorial levels – cinematic (moving light image), photographic (still-image) and sculptural (physical matter and mechanical devices) – in order to explore the ambiguous and illusory imagetic relationship between our eyes and brain. The artist is also going to show his new experimental film “When I Close My Eyes I See Everything” at Kinosch, in a continuous loop. 

During her residency, Ida Lissner explored how to add a physical dimension to her artistic practice that currently exist mainly in the digital realm. Through iterative processes of experimentation and reflection, she explores different materials and methods to recreate and develop her digital sculptures in the physical world. Experiences from the surrounding landscapes of Terres Rouges where multispecies futures and industrial pasts meet — in stories of extraction and reciprocity — becomes the base for the sculptural explorations. The works exist somewhere between myth and reality where consciousness, ornament and ecology become one.