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Gaye Su Akyol (TR)

Concert originally scheduled for February 26, 2023 

“Anatolian Dragon” The World Tour

This wildly acclaimed Istanbul-based artist, delivers an unforgettable 4th album Anadolu Ejderi (“Anatolian Dragon”). Building upon her mélange of Turkish psychedelia, empowered commentary and retro-futurist sonics, her vision is more personal and uncompromising than ever before.

Courage. Bravery. Daring. Those are the watch words that guided Turkey’s Gaye Su Akyol when she was making Anadolu Ejderi, her first full-length release in four years. Already lauded for her startling, innovative mix of Turkish psychedelia and folk song, surf music and 90s Western rock, a global sweet spot where Anatolian music heroine Selda Bağcan rubbed shoulders with Kurt Cobain, Akyol was ready to expand her vision after a relentless period on the road. Traditional Turkish singing and Middle Eastern string sounds meet indie, surf rock and post-punk. 

Hymns of praise in the New York Times, among others, describe Gaye Su Akyol as “Turkish rock music’s biggest hope”, which ties in with the psychedelic music of the 1970s in Turkey and folk icons such as Selda Bağcan. Iggy Pop said of Akyol’s music that it was “far more fulfilling than any popular music from the weary West today”.

Her voice is a mesmerizing thing, deep and plummy enough to shake trees and stir hearts.” – Pitchfork

Support : zEduardo

The hardest is the first one, the last who knows. Between them, DJ zEduardo will offer you some afrofunk and afrodisco tunes. Potentially something more… 

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