mercredi 24 mai - mercredi 31 mai
luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture

From extraction to restitution

During a week a series of events will show how new generations of architects face the challenges of climate change, spatial justice, and urban sprawl with renewed sensibility.

Context awareness, empathy with humans and non-human beings, match with technical and compositional skills generating new ways of observation, interaction and cohabitation in our cities. A different attitude towards the soil, water bodies and atmosphere that sustain our lives on earth, moving out from extraction to restitution.

Including material from the exhibitions :The Ahrtal Studio, Zwischenstand der Zwischenstadt, and Re-imagining Belval, talks, workshop, and a closing conference.


Wednesday 24.05.23

— 18h30 @ luca

Vernissage + Opening discussion. Lecture by Maribel Casas (scientific director of luca) and Cesar Reyes Nájera (postdoctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg).


— 19h00 @ luca

Visit to the exhibition From extraction to restitution. Including material from the exhibitions : The Ahrtal Studio Voices from a Transforming River, Zwischenstand der Zwischenstadt, and Reimagining Belval.

Thursday 25.05.23 

— 18h30 @ luca

Master alumni talks with Aisha Abdullah, Diana Zarnescu, Simona Popova, Marina de Araujo Marins. Discussion moderated by the 2023 Master Thesis students.

Friday 26.05.23

— 18h30 @ luca

Projection of the documentary “All we Need?” by Artūras Čertovas and Mohammed Zanboa. 

— 20h00 @ luca

Party. Organised by the Architecture Students Association (ASA)

Saturday 27.05.23

— 10h–16h @ Maison des arts et des étudiants (, Belval)

Workshop Seed bombing and bird architectures. In the framework of the Re-wildining Belval event promoted by Mr Claude Turmes, Minister of Energy and Spatial Planning.

Wednesday 31.05.23

— 18h30 @ luca

Closing Lecture “Beyond the Threshold” by Zaida Muxí Martínez under the frame of the Seminar “Histories of Urbanism, Gender, and Urbanisation”. Discussion moderated by Florian Hertweck, director of the Master in Architecture, University of Luxembourg.

24. – 31.05.23 @ luca

Exhibition The Ahrtal Studio, Zwischenstand der Zwischenstadt, and Re-imagining Belval

Students MArch : Diogo Gomes Costa, Emine Ayşe Karaarslan, Ivan Dmitrievich Badiarov, Kasra Karami, Lun Lam Kwok, Mahdi Panjehpour, Malan Ilangarathna, Ilangarathnage, Maria Vavoule, Maryam Rasheed, Melsida Babayan, Michel Da Silva Ferreira, Mohammed Zanboa, Selin Sarikaya, Shui Mei Chan, Siranuysh Martirosyan, Vanessa Peresi, Artūras Čertovas, Astrid Hennus, Christine Jiayi Chen, Wilhelm Gardeleone, Heida Sigrun Palsdottir, Kristina Shatokhina, Michelle Soares De Sousa.

Master in Architecture Programme

University of Luxembourg

This series of events is organised by the Master in Architecture at the University of Luxembourg in collaboration with luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture.

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