jeudi 27 février
Rockhal – Etablissement public Centre de Musiques Amplifiées


Born in East Berlin 1981 Fritz Kalkbrenner was heavily impressed by the mid 90ies Berlin Techno scene following his older brother Paul who just made his first steps in that modern world of electronic music. After working on various film- and TV related agencies Fritz showed up behind a microphone in 2003 to contribute vocals to „Forms & Shapes” by his friend Sascha Funke. From the release of that vinyl 12inch (with a great Paul Kalkbrenner Remix) the artist career of Fritz Kalkbrenner was on its way.
His next vocal contribution happened by accident when his brother Paul was composing the soundtrack for an underground film project called „Berlin Calling” which became a cinematic milestone for techno music. Discovered on some old DAT tapes a random demo vocal of Fritz ended up on Paul Kalkbrenner’s computer and within a few days in 2008 „Sky & Sand” was created and became a worldwide anthem.
After doing impressive TV live broadcasts for ARTE and the impressive „Cercle” live show in front of the French chateau „Domaine de Chantilly” Fritz Kalkbrenner felt a need for a new musical direction. He headed back to strictly instrumental underground House music which led to the epic „Drown” album which got released in 2018 on „Different Spring” a SUOL Sublabel. „Drown” gave Fritz a new creative freedom to work again with lots of hardware like oldschool drum machines and made him re-discover his own roots planted on dancefloors somewhere in east Berlin.
Being his 5th studio album „Drown” led to a next level for Fritz Kalkbrenner with himstarting his own label imprint „Nasua Music”. For his new label Fritz Kalkbrenner startedproducing new music in 2019 with a new crew of people. The new single „Kings & Queens” will be out in October 2019 with Fritz doing a great reality song with an organic analog feel within the catchy production.„Kings & Queens” and it’s follow up singles will lead to a new artist album called „True Colours” to be released in March 2020.


Doors: 21:00 Show: 21:30

Support: Gunjah

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Organized by Rockhal

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