mercredi 07 septembre
18:00 - 20:00
Ratelach, Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzettte

Forum Z: Re-do, re-,make, re-imagine

Dive into the world of Experimental Media Archaeology and the power of object-based re-enactment on the historical imagination!

Experience a mesmerizing magic lantern performance, the optical illusions of the Kinora motion picture viewer and the astonishing sound of a giant 3D-printed exponential gramophone horn.


  • Aleksander Kolkowski: Auxetophone and Stentorphone air-amplified gramophones (ca. 1908-1921), live demonstration of original and replica models using a newly-built, giant exponential gramophone horn based on a design from 1929.

  • Tim van der Heijden: Kinora motion picture viewing technology (ca. 1907), live demonstration of original and replica models, and screening of 9.5mm reels with a Pathé-Baby film projector (ca. 1924) on an original projection screen.

  • Karin Bienek & Ludwig Vogl-Bienek (illuminago): ‘Magische Lichtspiele’ – Magic Lantern Show with gramophone accompaniment by Aleksander Kolkowski.

The demonstrations are followed a drinks reception.

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