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DON PIANO // "Oxytocin" Album Release

Don Piano is the brainchild of John Wolter, a Luxembourgish drummer, composer, vocalist, and music producer. During the lockdown that hit the music industry hard, John found himself without concerts and a lot of time on his hands, which ultimately gave birth to a dozen new songs that sounded unlike anything he had composed and produced in the past.

The new material is a colorful mix of modern R&B and neo-soul with a punk rock flair, never shying away from genre-breaking experimentation. Many of the themes in the album, titled “Oxytocin,” are about love, heartbreak, loneliness, and coming to terms with one’s demons, anxieties, and fears. Oxytocin is known as the “love hormone,” a chemical compound that is released in the body during intimacy between lovers, said to bind people together. Despite the album’s focus on serious, dark issues, the music created by John remains very accessible and invites the listener to let go and dance. The bandleader jokingly describes the music as “depressive dancefloor anthems.”

After the composition period, John enlisted his longtime studio engineer of trust, Charel Stoltz, to fully flesh out the ideas in the studio with live instrumentation. Pol Belardi, a musician with deep roots in the local and international jazz scene, added the finishing touches on the keyboards and vibraphone, while Mateus Wojda contributed infectious, groovy, and melodic basslines. Charel Stoltz not only engineered the project but also filled the role of the guitarist in the band. Claire Parsons completed the four-piece band on synthesizers, keys, and vocals, becoming the missing puzzle piece to bring the project together.

Support : Culture the Kid  

Don Piano will be supported by none other than Culture the Kid.

Culture is a true one-man show packed with energy, engaging lyrics and funky beats for days.

Let yourself move to the flow of this young talent that’s making a name for himself, be it in english or portuguese.

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