mercredi 22 mai
Rockhal – Etablissement public Centre de Musiques Amplifiées

All eyes on: the Luxembourgish Metal Scene

A deep dive into Metal made in Luxembourg

Join us for a lively discussion and exploration of the local metal scene: specifics, opportunities, and challenges beyond the genre’s traditional stereotypes and misconceptions.

Event organised in association with Attitude Music, LOUDER and Metal Festival Kopstal.


Jeff Buchette (Scarlet AngerEd HuntersAeonikMetal Festival KopstalAttitude Music)

Tom Dosser (Desdemonia)

Hugo Nogueira Centeno (PraetorSharpshooterAttitude Music)

Jeannot Hutchinson (Wacken Metal Battle Luxembourg)

Ken Pletschet (Miles to PerditionSchalltot Collective)

Thierry A. Porcedda (Atomic Rocket SeedersBlame The Others)

Panel Moderator:

Stephen Lowe (RTL Radio Today)

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