mercredi 19 juin
Rockhal – Etablissement public Centre de Musiques Amplifiées


Join us for a most awesome rock’n’roll night, featuring power duo 7Last and local legend De Pascal vu Wooltz. Humorous glam rock will meet acoustic punkrock!


Glam Rock

Meet power duo 7Last! Sam Atkinson aka “Bingo Bongos Man, Drum Man” and Raf Parrinha aka “Guitar Man & Jodel Man” hail form the north of Luxembourg. Expect catchy riffs, heavy drumming and Jack Blackesque humor, as the two have decided to just be themselves on stage by spreading rock’n’roll and love all over the world!

Find them on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

De Pascal vu Wooltz

Acoustic Punkrock

Each scene has their living legends, and he’s surely one of them. Hailing from Wiltz, in the North of Luxembourg, De Pascal vu Wooltz, counts among the steady forces of the local punk and DIY scene, be it as a solo artist, with his band Weakonstruction or as an underground show promoter and label owner. Totalling more than 500 shows over the last 20 years, he’s played all over the place, including a 2-week tour in Canada. Expect genuine punk rock on an acoustic guitar, with heartfelt lyrics!

Find him on Facebook and Instagram.

About Rocklab Live Sessions:       

The Rocklab Live Sessions are filmed showcases by local bands & artists. Their aim is to promote and document the ever-growing number and diversity of artists from the local music scene, by offering them a stage, regardless of music genre, age and experience. A selection of songs from each showcase will be released digitally later on, to reach a larger audience and provide the artists with a quality live video.

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