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Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik Esch

18 Years in Metal

18 years in Metal – this magical age mark has been crossed by these 3 local metal acts – Asathor, Dreadnought and Sublind. As they leave their youngster years behind them, what better way could there be to celebrate the ascension to veteranship by inviting the metal craving masses to a big birthday bash inside the holy halls of the Kulturfabrik.


Since 2005, Sublind have been firing off their straightforward old-school thrash metal in Luxembourg and abroad. After many concerts in Luxembourg and abroad, two released mini EP’s and two albums, the band now celebrates its 18th beersd… uuuh, birthday! Despite several line-up changes, Sublind have always kept their philosophy alive and managed to stay true to themselves: the gigs are sweaty and energetic, good vibes are always guaranteed. Due to an important amount of played concerts (among others with genre legends like Exodus, Death Angel, Warbringer, Tankard, Crisix and many more), the band was able to put a lot of experience and playfulness into their shows: so look forward to a huge loading of energy and snot, which will give a further kick to the already fast songs. On March 2nd, Sublind will be accompanied by their long-time friends Asathor, now with a new line-up and new sound(s) and the cultish Dreadnought, with which they not only shared a rehearsal room for 11 years, but also a huge amount of memorable stories.


Dreadnought have been on the road (continuously) since 2006 and play black metal that neither gets lost in blast beats nor in monotony. The declared goal of the quintet is to deliver songs with high recognition value, without being constrained by genre boundaries. Both trve Blackmetaller of the old school as well as Moshers, which only want to go off, should find a metallic home with Dreadnought. In autumn 2021 the second longplayer “Path to the Unknown” was released, which perfectly captures the current sound of the band. With the EP „The Fire Within“, released in September 2023, the quintet explored the different aspects of their own creativity, ranging from straightforward Thrash Metal to atmospheric, melodic soundscapes. They are eager to celebrate their coming-of-age together with their friends from Asathor, Sublind and Desdemonia.


Asathor is a five-piece metal band from Dalhem, Luxembourg, combining Black and Death Metal influences, creating a sonic mixture of raw aggression, sombre atmosphere and engaging, accessible melodies. Founded in 2005, Asathor has since played many shows, both nationally and internationally, sharing the stage with bands like Abstract Rapture, Desdemonia, Sublind, Kraton, Sleeper’s Guilt and supporting Uada, Negator, Der Rote Milan and many others. 2019 marked an important milestone in the band’s history with the release of their first album called Vegvisír.

Special Guest: DESDEMONIA

Get your eardrums kicked by DESDEMONIA with their raw and vicious riffage, a healthy dose of groove and rock n’roll attitude. Playing intense shows for almost 30 years, DESDEMONIA were among the first extreme metal acts to put Luxembourg on the map which helped them to build a strong fanbase. Desdemonia’s latest and fourth longplayer “Anguish”has been released via Denmark’s premier metal label Mighty Music. Legendary Swedish producer Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, Architects, …) mixed & mastered the 9 songs. Desdemonia shared the stage with (short overview): Arch Enemy, Kataklysm, Tiamat, Dimmu Borgir, Decapitated, Vader, Apocalyptica, Heaven Shall Burn, Unleashed, Soilwork, Krisiun, Primordial, Suffocation, Gorefest, In Extremo, God Dethroned, Hail of Bullets, Dismember, Sinister, Mayhem,Loudblast, Dagoba, Evil Invaders, Ektomorf & others throughout Europe. The band is very glad to support their long-time buddies on their anniversary shows, looking forward to meet old & new friends.

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