samedi 09 février
10:00 - 19:00
Pop It Up

Valentine’s Pop-Up

As commercial as Valentine’s Day has become over the past years, in its roots it’s all about love of whatever kind. Whether you got some love for your family & friends, are in a relationship, or have a true passion, love is a source of inspiration and adventure worth celebrating. Meet the entrepreneurial creators doing what they love most: Delia Dettmer (♥ Handmade Ceramics ♥), Eataliano (♥ Authentic Italian Food ♥), FleuRebelle Luxembourg (♥ Lovely Flowerboxes ♥) and J’adore bio (♥ Natural Beauty Care ♥) living their passion! Come by to get some unconventional Valentine’s gifts for your loved ones or just enjoy a cosy, feel-good atmosphere with some sweet surprises at our pop-up. No pressure, just love!

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