dimanche 24 mars
Rockhal – Etablissement public Centre de Musiques Amplifiées

MARTY FRIEDMAN – Masterclass

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Marty Friedman`s presence in the world of music, the world of guitar, and Japanese pop culture is mystifying, bizarre, and nothing short or inspiring.
Marty`s first major impact in music was in the game-changing guitar duo Cacophony, which he founded with equally enigmatic and now legendary guitarist, Jason Becker.
He then spent 10 years as lead guitarist in the genre-defining thrash metal icon Megadeth. His tenure in the band, considered the “golden era” by many, was indisputably the most successful era in the band`s history, by any criteria.
As much as he loved Megadeth, its music and its fans, Marty`s overwhelming love of Japanese music and the Japanese language, found him leaving the band and moving to Tokyo. It is there where his career took off in very unexpected ways.


Doors: 16:00

Show: 16:30

, 2019-03-24T15:00:00Z

Organized by Rockhal & Rocklab

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