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The Rockhal regrets to announce that the show of Kelvyn Colt planned for March 26th, 2019 has to be canceled due to scheduling conflicts. Ticket holders are advised that refunds will be available from the point of purchase. Tickets bought online at will automatically be reimbursed.

He is regarded as “one of the most promising emerging rap artists” in Berlin by Hypebeast. It’s more than evident in his work why he is recognized as one of the pioneers in the hip-hop scene of Germany’s metropolis. With his deep and powerful vocal capabilities, he has already gained the support of many heavyweights in the music industry.

Growing up in Germany, Kelvyn Colt was always aware there was more to life than the small town he lived in. Growing up bilingual between cultures, with a Nigerian father and German mother, Colt started to develop his poetry and writing skills at a rather young age. Being raised by the internet, he soon got inspired by the sounds of among others KiD Cudi and Tupac. Leading to him turning the garage of his parental home into his first and very own music studio.

Escaping to Berlin, Kelvyn was the first in his family to attend a prestigious German law school on a scholarship, with even bigger ambitions he dropped out after three weeks to expand his musical horizon abroad. He ended up enrolling at a business university in the UK and bought a one way ticket to Emigrate to London.

Being in London is what started to get the ball rolling, his career as a rapper really started to take off. Alongside the release of his track ‘Hucci’, he did a COLORS session. He impressed many with his talent and the German edition of Noisey even called him ‘Their Hope for Hip-Hop’. Fast forward since he graduated from university, his widely-acclaimed debut EP LH914 was released in 2017, referring to the flight he was on from Berlin to London. Taking it back to where it all started, Colt did another COLORS session for the track ‘Bury Me Alive’.

His modern approach to Hip-Hop is what distinguishes Colt from others in the industry, always keeping the true essence of the genre in mind. With a poetic, yet deep approach to the lyrics, combined with his vocal capabilities, he is able to combine elements of multiple genres into his already extinctive sound. His unique life story, growing up between cultures, is truly reflected in his music. With his talent and knowledge extending beyond music, he has become the pioneer of his self-established movement ‘Beyond Your Sense’, with BYS as abbreviation. With BYS Kelvyn’s mission is to connect like-minded people, throughout a wide-variety of industries. Be it a business, music or art, his own knowledge and interest is in all. For Colt the expansion of BYS has become the bottom line of his being.

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