mercredi 10 avril
Université du Luxembourg – Campus Belval / Maison du Savoir

Expanding Historical Narratives: From the Archive to the Multimedia Installation

Suggestion, evocation and involvement have been distinctive traits of audiovisual storytelling since its inception. Images and sounds can help historical narration escape the fixed character of the written word, giving it an auditory and visual dimension that was its own, recalling its original fluidity. Blending audiovisual storytelling with the spatial and material dimensions, multimedia installations are particularly capable to engage the audience, convey contents, and open a dialogue on themes.

From March to December 2018, the exhibition “Être d’ailleurs en temps de guerre (14-18), Étrangers à Dudelange – Dudelangeois à l’étranger“, resulting from a collaboration between the C²DH and the CDMH, explored the link between war and human migrations. The case of the migrant town of Dudelange during WW1 allowed to follow the different trajectories drawn by those who willingly left, were forced to flee or sought refuge within its borders.

An immersive, multisensory video installation by artists Chiara Ligi and Mauro Macella of the agency Tokonoma, with a soundscape by composer Tommaso Leddi, linked the thematic sections of the exhibition and the objects on display.

Multimedia artist Chiara Ligi will give an insight into the painstaking archival work and complex creative process behind the realisation of the installation, reflecting on the translation of historical sources into emotional audiovisual storytelling.

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Organisateur: Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History

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